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Top 12 Images of 2014

December 24, 2014 Uncategorized

My favorite images from last year:


12.   In 2013 I was determined to photograph some crawfish.  The need became more real when I needed to start working on my food calendar.  I did a little study of one of the crawfish.  It was fun to photograph, and different from all the produce I have been working with. IMG_0475

11.  I’ve been wanting to photograph some really nice chocolate chip cookies. Sadly, whenever I make cookies,  they kept coming out flat.  Recently, thanks to watching Alton Brown,  I figured out that I was rushing the butter/sugar stage of cookie making.  These cookies came out better!  Next time, I want to photograph them with more chocolate chips exposed.
I really liked this image from the collection of images because it best told the story of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.


10.   I created some images for Tara’s Fais Do Dough.  This was one of my favorites from that collection.  I love how the fresh buttered bread tells a story and the colors as well. IMG_9925

9.  Thanksgiving cranberry pie.  I really enjoyed styling this scene.  IMG_1755

8.  In 2014 I finally got a honey dipper. So I thought it would be a good time to do a little honey themed photoshoot.  I loved how I got the lighting just right and the warm colors depicting fall. IMG_1369

7. Forever I was looking for star anise.  I have a client, Andi Lynn’s Elderberries, and I needed to have some on hand for when she adds this spice to one of her syrups.  I’ve added this image to the list because I loved the textures and the depth the lighting added to the image.


6.  From the same time at the star anise images.  A little spice collection I made for personal use.  Again,  it’s the lighting I loved and the simplicity. IMG_1490

5. When I went to visit my In-Laws,  their citrus trees were loaded with fruit.  One morning it rained and I just had to go and photograph the fruit on the trees.  This made it on my top 12 because of it’s lifestyle nature.


4.  Through Azure Standard I ordered some juicing apples for my own baking.  In my box I ended up getting some of the cutest little apples.  I had planned many different ideas on how I would photograph them, but only ended up doing a few ideas.  This was one of my favorites.

Apples_Set1_2014 8_Filter_edited-1

3.  Sometimes when I shop at Whole Foods,  I look to see what fun new things I could photograph for kicks. This one week I found some Inca Berries.  This one is one of my favorites because I felt I accomplished a Chiaroscuro (light-dark) kind of lighting.

IncaBerries 10

2.  I may have taken this in another year.  But it’s one of my favorite images ever.  I think it was in my 2014 folder,  but after I put all this together,  I think I found out it was taken in 2013.  So, it’s going to stay.  I really love it.


1.  This past year I worked really hard on my calendar.  I still have yet to finish the calendar portion,  but most of the image are done.  The citrus part of the calendar took me a while to put together,  but I finally found how I wanted to style it, and it became one of my top, number favorite images of last year. January_Image_Small


Thank you so much for reading and looking at my images.  Here’s to the new images in 2015!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store.