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Pricing Inquiries

Thank you for checking out my prices!

When you email or call me for prices, I have different prices depending on the size of your food photography project. I do need to talk to you to make sure I have the right quote for the project, which is why I do not list my prices online.

How I look at projects:
1) By the hour for smaller projects (projects requiring less than four hours of work).
2) Half Day (four-six hour project)
3) and Full Day (eight hour project)

If you’re a local restaurant, have equipment I bring to set up lighting and bring you the best quality lighting for your dishes. I’m all about using lighting to bring out the best in your food to keep your customers coming back for more of your delicious food!

I also photograph recipes, so if whether you do or don’t live in the Greater Baton Rouge area, I can also photograph your recipes in my home studio and provide you with amazing images for your blog or cookbook.

Click the “Email Me” button to contact me by email or you can call me, 248.302.1937