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Food Photography Links for Class

Websites to check out and keep learning.

http://www.learnfoodphotography.com/ -They have an awesome 30 day class that I did a few years ago. Very informational.



http://taylortakesataste.com/ -He has a PDF with food photography info.

There’s tons more info out there! This is just to get you started and resources that I have used to either educate or continue my education.

Here’s a Youtube video I ran across that explains a little about f-stops and a great way to memorize them.  I use my knowledge about f-stops often in food photography.  Something very important to learn. (Caution, there’s swear words).


Amazon Affiliate Links to great books and tools for food photography.

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Tools (Some ideas to get you started):

Food Photography Props (Some ideas to get you started):